Prescription sleeping tablets including Zopiclone, Limovan, Amoban and Dormidina available here. For more information on these sleep medications look here.

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 Zopiclone sleeping pills are among  the most widely prescribed sleeping  tablets worldwide.We offer the best  prices online and free shipping on  every order. Order your sleeping  pills from us and start your  treatment in as little as 5 days.

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 Limovan, also known as Zopiclona  are approved by the FDA for use in  the treatment of chronic insomnia.  Also sold as Zopiclone the dosage  and prices are the same. if we do  not have Zopiclone in stock we can  ship Limovan.

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 Dormidina sleeping pills, the active  ingredient of which is Doxylamine  has a quick acting sedative and  sleep-inducing effect which is  evident after the first dose. Available  by prescription throughout Europe a  very cost effective treatment for  insomnia.

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  General information on sleeping tablets such as Zopiclone, Limovan and Dormidina.

We only sell and ship FDA approved sleeping pills and sleeping tablets. The 3 types of medications we sell are Zopiclone, Limovan and Dormidina.

These medications are the genuine form and not generic. It is important to buy your sleeping pills and tablets from a Pharmacy like us as cheaper generic copies can contain harmful ingredients and can be hazardous to your health.

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Our Zopiclone, Limovan and Dormidina sleeping tablets and pills are widely prescribed by doctors and physicians in the treatment of chronic insomnia and sleep disorders. The medications on this site can be abused and can lead to dependency and increased dosage when used for prolonged periods of time. Before starting treatment with these medications you must consult your physician.


  • We ship ONLY FDA approved Zopiclone, Limovan and Dormidina sleeping pills and sleeping tablets
  • Shipping is Free!
  • You do not need a prescription to buy from us
  • Yes, it is perfectly legal to buy your sleeping pills and tablets online therefore saving you the inconvenience of trips to your local GP
  • It is fast and easy to order your sleeping pills or tablets from us, so you can start your treatment immediately
  • All our medications are shipped to you in discreet packaging
  • We are among the cheapest and quickest companies to buy from as our products are direct from the source. No middle men

Our Zopiclone comes in boxes of 30 tablets at 7.5mg per sleeping pill. Our Limovan comes in boxes of 30 pills at 7.5mg per sleeping tablet. Our Dormidina comes in boxes of 32 tablets at 25mg per sleeping pill. Be sure to read our patient responsibility and guidelines before taking any medication for insomnia and sleep disorders.



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