Frequently asked questions when buying prescription sleeping tablets such as Zopiclone, Limovan, Amoban and Dormidina. All sleep disorder medications sold within this site are genuine brand and FDA approved.

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 Frequent questions regarding the  use  and purchase of sleeping  tablets.

 Pregnancy and Zopiclone 

 You must not take any sleeping pills or  tablets before consulting your doctor.  Inform your doctor or pharmacist  before taking any medications. Even  after pregnancy inform your doctor  before starting medications as it can  affect breast feeding.

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 Do not take Zopiclone/Limovan if:

 You are allergic to any of the  ingredients within these products or  you suffer from asthma or respitory  illnesses, drug or alcohol dependence,  diabetes, personality disorder, thyroid  disorders. if you are unsure its always  best to consult your doctor

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 Correct dosage of sleeping pills

 Zopiclone/Zopiclona/Limovan are  normally in tablet form of 7.5mg. The  correct dosage for you depends on the  individual. Factors such as age, health  and weight can affect this. Consult your  doctor for the correct advice.

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 Driving or working

 Depending on the individual the effects  of sleeping tablets can greatly reduce  motor skills. If you have a job which  involves machinery, driving or power  tools etc make sure these medications  do not affect you adversely.

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Frequently asked questions when purchasing Zopiclone / Limovan sleeping pills and sleeping tablets

  • Q: Are your sleeping pills approved?
  • A: Yes, all our medications are genuine and FDA approved for the use and treatment of chronic insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Q: Do I need a prescription to order sleeping pills from you?
  • A: No, you do not need a prescription or consultation to order sleeping tablets/pills from us
  • Q: How much Zopiclone/Limovan should I take?
  • A: The amount you should take will depend on your condition, age and weight. Your doctor can advise a recommended dosage. However it is very important to never exceed the recommended dosage. If you do you should contact your doctor or a suitable medical professional immediately

CLICK HERE to read our patient responsibility and guidelines page before taking Zopiclone, Limovan or Dormidina sleeping pills and sleeping tablets


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  • Q: Do my sleeping pills come from you?
  • A: Yes, we buy from the manufacturer and deliver direct to you
  • Q: How long does it take for my tablets/pills to arrive?
  • A: Your medications are shipped within 2-3 days of receiving your payment. Delivery within Europe is normally within 10 working days, for the rest of the world allow up to 21 days.
  • Q: How are they shipped?
  • A: They are shipped by normal post/airmail in a discreet packaging with no identifying marks to indicate the package contains Zopiclone, Limovan or Dormidina sleeping tablets and pills
  • Q: How much can I order in one transaction?
  • A: You can order as much as 5 packets in any one transaction
  • Q: Is there any record of me ordering medications?
  • A: No, all orders are confidential and all details of your order are kept solely by us and never passed on to a third party.
  • Q: Can I receive a discount?
  • A: Yes, go to our order page and see what discounts are available, and remember, we always ship our products free of charge


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