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 As a client you are responsible for  determining and abiding by his/her  country's importation regulations. if  orders are withheld or confiscated  by customs, we will not be held  responsible for any delays or loss of  goods.

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This page is merely general guidelines for the use and purchase of sleeping tablets from this site. Before you begin any course of sleeping tablets or medications in the treatment of insomnia you must consult your local GP or physician for correct advice on the use of these sleep medications.

Buy purchasing Zopiclone, Limovan or Dormidina sleeping pills and tablets from us you hereby accept full responsibility for your actions and agree to the safe use of these medications as prescribed by your doctor/physician. We do not accept any or all responsibility for the use of our medications once purchased by the customer.

Be sure you have read our patient responsibility and guidelines before you purchase sleeping pills from us.


Before you order be sure you are not breaking any import or local laws in the area you reside in. We do not accept liability for the miss-use of either the information or products provided on the website. This website is not a substitute for qualified medical advice and is only to be used as a guideline. Consult your doctor for medical advice.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and over to purchase sleeping tablets from us.
  • This website is for information only and should in no way be used to substitute professional medical advice.
  • We do not encourage the use of any of the sleeping pills/tablets available on this website without first gaining consent from a medical professional.
  • It is the responsibility of the client, as the importer of the product, to know the importation rules and regulations of his/her country and ensure not to break these laws
  • We accept no liability for the use of any products supplied, and the buyer agrees that they will not re-sell the product and shall use them only under the guidance of a physician


As a rule we do not offer refunds for missing orders or orders consficated by your local customs. However we will look at each case in its own merit if it arises. If the circumstances dictate a refund and the original items are returned in their original un-opened packaging postage paid by you then we will consider a refund as due.

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